Couples Counselling

New Bridges Counselling offers Couples Counselling to lesbian, gay or straight couples, whatever the nature of the problems or issues between you.

Appointments can last for 50 or 75 minutes, and usually take place once a week, although fortnightly appointments are also available. Couples counselling can be for a fixed number of sessions, or can continue longer term according to your needs.

You will experience a safe space in which to explore and express your feelings for each other and consider the problems you face in your relationship. In counsellling, you can work to establish trust, have your say and listen to your partner. It can often be helpful to have an understanding and unbiased third person to help you see each other’s point of view more clearly and to help you sort through what is going on between you.

What happens in your relationship during or after counselling is up to you. You may agree to stay together, to separate or to develop a new kind of relationship. At New Bridges Counselling, you will both be supported to make decisions about your relationship and to cope with whatever you decide.

If you would like to discuss whether Couples Counselling is right for you, please contact us.