Workplace Counselling

New Bridges Workplace Counselling can be tailored to the requirements of your company or organisation.

Providing a counselling service to your employees can be an effective way of improving their performance and addressing issues which affect productivity, whether they are work-related or outside issues which impact on work. It can be a powerful way to demonstrate your valuing of your employees, and your commitment to their well-being.

A New Bridges Counsellor can provide 30 or 60 minute sessions per employee on a half or full-day basis at your company head quarters or other place of work. You would need to provide a suitably private room.

Alternatively, you could send your employees to New Bridges Counselling for 60 minute sessions on an individual basis.

Agreements about number of sessions, information disclosure, goals and outcomes would be discussed in detail and would form part of your contract with New Bridges Counselling.

For more details or a consultation, please contact us.